CISCO PRIME INFRASTRUCTURE Requires 1 Terabytes Space To install.

When I tried to install PI3.0 on my virtual machine, if i’m not mistaken, it failed because of rack of HDD space.

And HDD its own has no recovery function, like RAID-1, 5, 10

For safety of My Valuable Effort and Time, I decided to merge them into one and configure it as Raid-5

Thank you Microsoft, You have developed a quite useful feature, called Storage Space in Windows Server 2012

I heard that they have new technology, Storage Space Direct. but i will try it later.

Storage Space can make combine HDDs as one logically without hardware support.

Due to the help of Storage Space, I could have 1 Tera HDD with fault tolerance using 4 x 350GB HDDs

But there is drawback that uses ethernet for the technology, so when you copy or install some apps on the server, the bandwidth of server ethernet consumes almost.