It’s Time To Go To New World. I’m ready to Taste some Virtualization.

There are servers for virtualization lab, and now i can install more virtual machines and make them fault tolerant about physical server down.

When I had virtual machines in my vmware workstation, my computer was not allowed to reboot or blue screen.

because my VM(virtual machine)s were working 24 hours collecting logs, netflow, and doing NMS.

If my desktop had problem, the monitoring system also got damaged.

I have 6 x windows 2012r2. and they are supporting clustering for my VM.

it means that even though one of physical server is down, the machine will be move to new physical server automatically.

what a beautiful system, i don’t have to worry about hypervisor down

But there was issue, when i cluster them, previous storage space was not working together because attached disk does not support.


Always Check the Limitations before deployment.