My Manager Take Notice my Virtual Infrastructure.

He asked me to migrate some server that is not mission critical to manufacturing to virtual infrastructure.

He supported my test lab, so I helped him to migrate some server.

For convert, you can use tools supported by MS or VMWARE.

For me, I decided to use DISK2VHD because it was most simple tool and it converts even physical server’s file system is GPT type.

Be careful, you will be tough if the physical system is GPT, not MBR

When i started the migrated virtual machine, it show nothing but black screen.

And I found that first partition of GPT should be removed, so I mounted converted VHDX file then I used partition assistance program to delete the first partiton, then turned on the VM.

No more black screen, but “An operating system wasn’t found. Try disconnecting any drives that don’t contain ~~”

I mounted OS image and boot with that, get into command line, then type diskpart, bcdboot c:\windows.

Finally I succeeded to migrate the system and boot.

After that, don’t forget to make checkpoint.

Because of conflict, you could see infinity blue screen.