“Deploy each 10 VMs for Windows 10 64bit, Windows 7 32bit for Developer”

Manager asked me. And I warned him that My Virtual Infrastructure is not fast because of lack of storage performance.

And He said it’s okay

Now I deploy VDI, although i can just create VMs each because I have been interested in VDI and Thin Client

the benefits of VDI are described below.

  • You can easily increase amount of VMs (Virtual Machine-Based & Session-Based)
  • You can update windows only goldenĀ image for multi user (Session-Based)
  • You can save memory for idle windows (Virtual Machine-Based)

There are many benefits depend on your way.

Anyway, I tried to make golden image using sysprep

Then, I run “Remote Desktop Services Installation” on server manager

Select “Standard deployment”, No select Quick Start, because I already installed Hyper-V, it fails to install.

after following instruct on google, you can have Virtual Machine-Based VDI.

With similar way, you can haveĀ Session-Based also.

Take note that when you deploy session-based VDI, I realized that 120 days grace period started.

Microsoft license policy is very difficult to understand!!!