My Work Place had a pitiful NMS system for 6 years without maintenance.

Many functions were not working, and the system was quite slow even though bare-metal server had high performance.

It just barely breathed, Literally.

For many days, I had researched for Network Management Systems.

My site requirements are as below.

  • Network & Server Monitoring Support
  • E-Mail or SMS Notification Support
  • Configuration Archive
  • Monitoring with ICMP, SNMP, Specific Service Port
  • Netflow Support
  • Wireless System Support
  • Firewall Monitor


Paessler PRTG is supporting above all except Configuration Archive.

CISCO PI is only supporting CISCO Products.

Manageengine & Solarwinds are supporting all but i don’t feel good. but when I have a chance, I want to try

Ipswitch was simple and heavy in the past.

Open Source NMS like Cacti, Zabbix, Pandora FMS and Nagios consumed my time to monitor what i need.

I chose Passler PRTG. There are many reason but, the most attractive thing was intuitive user interface.

I could see easily whole sensors and after a month unlimited trial, 100 sensors were free !

100 sensors are not 100 devices. If i add a 48-port switch for monitor, to see all interface bandwidth, it requires 48 + 5(cpu, icmp, last booting, memory) sensors.

Keep in mind, they don’t support full netflow IP & Port information and Configuration Archive.

Now My next Journey is Netflow Collector