Project Description

there was 3 job on this project, upgrading router, implement wireless with Jabber and changing CUCM system hardware


It’s was my first time to install CUCM in BE6K. and i had a couple of days to make a test of CUCM fortunately we had spare devices to implement for our office.

I used to install CME in a router for VoIP. but CUCM had a lot of features than CME.

this project was just for upgrading hardware system from MCS series to BE6K and changing CUCM version.

in BE6K system, vSphere was installed already, only i had to do was to install necessary .vmx file in vSphere server

the files were ready in file system. and i installed and i checked how to config default system.

i just checked the configuration running,  license, and environment and jabber wasn’t hard!

oh,  there was some additional case. there were 2 fax machines and it required rj-11 port.

but our new router was not included with fxs module. so we brought VG204 and i changed some configuration from previous configuration in old router.

there was critical issue as always. PVDM was not enough for new router. so i made whole new configuration to connect between CUCM and new router.

it took all night and i couldn’t sleep. finally i finished it. but after a couple of days it happened so many issues. so I went back to PERU and install PVDM on the router.

it was so terrible to translate between SIP and H.323 trunk.

when i went to PERU the second time i brought 2 box of guarana but some of them were broken while transporting at airport, so it shed my bag =(

and fixed 7911 phone over than 20  that had firmware problem.


this project had me to get interested in studying CCIE-Collaboration…