Project Description

wow~!. i made a 3 project in a month!!!! Brazil headquarter project, Chile headquarter project, and this

this took just 2 days including flight.

the first problem was that when i arrived the office there was no one because it’s new office, and i called the local manager while i was waiting i hold pee and i got sweated because i reached the limit.

i went back to the first floor and i begged security to let me use the toilet. and i used it barely. that’s all story. no hiding. =)


anyhow, there was only one issue as always. it’s internet and trunk link!

VoIP, Switching&Routing, Firewall and VPN were working well.

this case was unusual. when i arrived there there were many boxes in storage room than i expected.

I called my manager and they asked me to install printer and video conference system. so i did….

monitor was so charming because it was shin and wide. printer was heavy.


the problem was that the line between the Server room and building  had some problem as interference.

when the internet and voice trunk link were up, internet line were interfered.

the telecom engineer solved the issue for a day. and i appreciate to him to let me come back on time for flight.