Project Description

My senior manager gave me a project migrating a Samsung headquarter in Brazil and he went to Chile for moving a Samsung headquarter.

Brazil project was much more important than Chile regarding cost and size of infrastructure but he believed me and i had to respect it.

the problem was that he had me to go Chile for 3 days to implement CISCO BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) solution while i was doing the Brazil project.

only i had experienced about the solution in our company and there was no time to contract with 3rd company.

I only had 2 days to configure CISCO ISE system with Wireless and it was successful.

While i made a configuration, the local employees was so kind to me. =) they gave me cookies and coffee.

after all, i made a presentation to teach them how to manage the system in English.

I still think it was one of biggest challenge to make a presentation in English because my English skill was not enough.


later, i need to learn how to synchronize ISE with Active Directory.