Project Description

Problems :

  • This was too tough because i even didn’t have enough time for investigating inventory of network devices including wireless, switches, routers and link connection between them.
  • And new devices for new office were not delivered completely by due date. i had to prepare to install using old devices, and the device quantity was not enough.
  • I kept making network topology continuously whenever issues happened.
  • Transport and installing company were not chosen by the day before moving day. and devices were not delivered as i ordered
  • And construction of new building were not finished. and i didn’t have contact information to call for cabling installation.
  • They just gave me two weeks and while i collected information for moving the office, i was asked to implement BYOD solution in PERU, it took 3 days.


and there are so many links connected from other area and IDC. I had to consider them for seamless service.

I woke up all night for a couple of days. and many people related to the project were so tired.

But i barely finished my job in the morning when the employee start to work.

even until they were working in the morning , i was checking VoIP phone.

If the VoIP were CISCO products, i could handle them but, the commands were quite different.

I like working but this project was too oppressing me.

But it’s was one of greatest opportunity to get to know team-play.

i always appreciate to them who was working with me. Mr.Park. Paulo, Bruno. Claudio, Ozawa, Jepe, etc… and Ricardo, sorry i forgot your names =(