Project Description

i gained confidence after i had done with IBL project.

but i scared until i left the office to get flight

at that time, i didn’t understand the internal process of firewall, so i spent time a little to configure ssh.

the most terrible story on that site was that i didn’t had any information to connect voice trunk between telecom and office.

it was on weekends and no one i could ask. and i didn’t establish knowledge of Voice.

So i was scared until i left the place for flight.

there was no one knowing the voice, so i searched in google.

to conclude, i miraculously finished configuring the voice and i finally could call outside from the office.

it was coincidence to find the solution. i searched for hours and i tried to apply them whenever i found configuration.

but by accident, i found regular configuration of telecom for each country, and i applied one of brazil telecom configuration.

it was so stressful to finish until i left for flight