Project Description

what could it be called?… as always there were problems…

it was my first time to install network for blade server, M1000e of Dell product.

it’s was wrong from the beginning…..

almost people related to this infrastructure field would heard about blade server. so they purchased expensive network devices also.

Router – ASR1K, Firewall – ASA5545-x, Switch – 4500-x, Server – M1000e, Database, Storage and so on.

yes it could be enough to small to middle size cloud server.

but no one had knew surely how to connect and configure between them.

as for me, i just had knew the concept and basic of cloud server.

the project started without me. but after all, i was involved at the installation stage.

i discussed VLAN, IP range, Spanning-tree, Management, purpose of the service and diagram newly.

public IP was not enough, the interlink IP between ISP switch and Our router was private IP.

new devices were not delivered by due date. so i made temporary network environment and it needed not to change the main frame.

I used NAT on firewall because of lack public IP and VPN on router because interlink between company and datacenter was not installed.

so many problem.. but service was finally on by due date!!!

the critical problem for me was that i couldn’t install network using new devices. even though i like experiencing new device and technology.

new devices arrived late and the service was going well…….