Project Description

it was a kind of my first project in brazil. and also my first hell =)

i was just a network engineer configuring switch and router.

but this project required me to install wireless, VoIP and Firewall.

I didn’t know VoIP, I just a operator for wireless, I just had knew concept of Firewall like access-list.

but, the first problem was communication. when i got there, i barely communicated with the local people. i was not good at english skill, and they weren’t too.

I used google translator to talk with them. when they wrote português on translator, i read them and i wrote english on google and translated it into portugues.

there were many problems.

in korea, yellow fiber cable is usually single and orange color cable is multi-mode, but it was different slightly.

SFP was not existing to connect between server room and remote office with Fiber cable.

Firewall didn’t have security license. i couldn’t make them redundancy environment.

Voice didn’t have license but fortunately there was temporary license supported from CISCO.

Leased Line was not installed so many employees blamed me with slow speed =(

Voice was not installed on time… i couldn’t prepare to test.

thanks to Cisco, it was easy to install wireless system. but there was some compatibility problem with POS(PDA) for security setting.

Voip installation made me awake all night. I barely finished after 12 hours. it was so valuable experience.

Firewall~! it had me to know access-list deeply. i consumed my time to make ssh protocol possible.

in my opinion, responsibility is one of important thing during the proejct. of course. perfect plan would be most important.