Project Description

this project will be in top three in case of hardest thing in brazil.

there were several work to complete. BYOD, Wireless, Firewall, Prime Infrastructure.

I had 8 days to finish them. but 2 days was for flight.

i had 6 days but one day had to be spent for other purpose to meet another project.

so i had only 5 days to install wireless network, firewall, BYOD solution and Prime infrastructure solution.

the first day i met cable company employee and ask them to install 10 APs in the office. they was good at installing them.

the white APs was harmonious as interior decoration. and blue and green led was also good.

while they was installing, i installed vSphere on UCS server and virtual machine.

Installing Firewall, Wireless and Prime infrastructure took about 2 ~3 days.

but BYOD was not working properly =( it tooks  more than 3 days to work barely.

i couldn’t understand well about ISE solution(BYOD). it uses AAA protocol and identify devices connecting network and uses certificate

the ISE uses redirect system to redirect customer page request to their database. so it also requires DNS system.

there was some compatibility issues and i tried to make it work.

i slept on a table in the office to save transport time and i fast to save time for going out

so i surprisingly lost my weight. i was so skinny =)

and Manaus was too hot and too humidity.