Jul, 2013 – Network of SAMSUNG FSC(Factory Service Center) in Sao Paulo, Brazil


this project was not involved for me at first. but my co-worker couldn't configure Firewall, so i went to FSC and i surprised because of rack installation and configuration on switch and router. the devices on rack were installed without empty space. it could cause problem by heat even though the server room not warm. there [...]

Aug, 2013 – Installing Wireless and CUCM Upgrade and Wireless with Jabber in Lima, Peru


there was 3 job on this project, upgrading router, implement wireless with Jabber and changing CUCM system hardware   It's was my first time to install CUCM in BE6K. and i had a couple of days to make a test of CUCM fortunately we had spare devices to implement for our office. I used to install [...]

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